Where Do I Begin?

My Top 20 Recommendations to Go Green


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After graduating from Howard University, the race was on! I began my two decade “rat race.” Although, I was brought up in a home where I saw my mom own her own businesses, I honestly never thought entrepreneurship was for me. I was content with my 6-figure income, laptop and staff of 12. Or so I thought. 


the eco-savvy consumer

There are many reasons why we should become more conscious of what we are doing to our home. I uncovered countless reasons why every person who will read this should  “go green.”  I will make it easy for you and just focus on the major ones.


ready for a lifestyle change?

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn't have to mean living like a pauper. Discover how you can change your life while helping the environment that serves you, all while providing a substantial income.