Anyone Else Sleepy?

Anyone Else Sleepy.jpg

So it's not a secret that I love sleep. No, for real. We have a whole relationship. I was that child that didn't have to be coaxed and bribed to go to bed. My mom will tell you. I was always ready for bedtime and sometimes would beat her to sleep before she could come tuck me in. That being said, I find great comfort in my monogamous relationship with sleep because we now know that ample sleep reduces your cancer risk. A Maryland study reported that after completing 9 years of research with 604 women between the ages of 18 and 65, who slept 7 hours per night on average with moderate physical activity, 47% were less likely to get cancer compared to their peers who averaged less sleep but an equal physical activity level. That is enough to make me take a nap right now. And it does not stop there. Lack of sleep has been linked to severe conditions like diabetes, stroke, heart condition and depressive disorders.Moral of the story..turn that Netflix marathon off and go to sleep.