College Bound?


  1. Get organized. Maybe purchase a calendar specifically for the next 14-16 months.There are vital dates that you don’t want to miss. I suggest notating the date that ACT or SAT will be offered, when the FAFSA opens and prospective college application open dates

  2. Review your ACT/SAT scores. Your student may benefit from re-taking the exam to get their score up. If that is the case, look for free tutoring first before paying. Many schools “Super Score” which means they will take the highest score from each testing category to give the student the best chance at the highest average score. We love this

  3. Who is going to write your student’s letter of recommendation? The letters should come from people who know your child well and can offer a good character assessment. The letter should offer a variety of vantage point. The admission folks don’t want to see 3 teachers letters of recommendation. Consider a supervisor, counselor, church member, coach,

  4. Save money. I probably should have listed that first. As you can imagine, before your student even steps foot on a college campus, you will have expenses. ACT/SET has a few. Most schools have an application fee that must be paid at the time of application submission. If your student applies early, you will likely hear back within a month or so. Be ready to send in a non-refundable deposit. The deposit is sometimes used to secure housing or simply a spot at the table. Either way, if you are sure about the school, have your deposit ready. The deposit can range from $200 to $500, depending on the school.

  5. Submit application.

  6. Apply for scholarships.

  7. Complete FAFSA

  8. Continue to work hard. Admission decisions are largely based on the junior year due to the timing applications open,however, you will be able to submit a more recent transcript and any new testing scores.



  1. If you have not, visit the prospective college campus.

  2. Weigh your options. Compare offers & financial aid.

  3. Contact the school’s financial aid office. Get to know the people who work there. Stay abreast of deadlines and ask about any aid that you should apply for

  4. Accept an offer. Graduate and Celebrate!!!


Now the real fun begins…..