5 Keto-Friendly Cocktails

First of all. Let's start this off with saying. "CHEERS!" Pass the drinks. lol

Alcohol gets a bad rep, and is certainly one of the most abused substances in the world. It can become a serious problem if you don't keep it in check. Moderation and self control are key.  For those of us who are either trying to lose a few pounds or maintain weight, drinking is a sore subject. There are so many hidden calories in a simple cocktail.

Throw in low carb diet, and you may find yourself struggling with the quantity of alcohol you’re drinking. And when you realize your favorite drink contains more than 30 grams of carbs in a small serving, you may consider giving alcohol up.

Before you give it up, try a few recipes from our Quick & Easy Keto Cocktails guide to help navigate your way through your local bar and become a keto connoisseur.