Millionaire Mornings

We're all busy. We have so many things we want..need to accomplish in this life but how? On any given day, I know my "to-do" list has a minimum of 8 things on it. I work a full time job, have 2 businesses and a VERY active family. We are always going 4 different directions. I don't know about you but sometimes after I wake up and the fog begins to clear, I begin thinking about everything I have to do and it only makes me want to roll over and go back to sleep. Honestly, the thought of everything I want to accomplish can be overwhelming. 

What I have come to learn is how I start my day has a large impact on how my day will be. I am learning to be more intentional with how I spend my time and I want to share it with you.

Millionaire Morning Routine.png

10-Step Millionaire Morning Checklist

  1. Plan tomorrow's outfit. Just get over it and do it. Big time saver here.
  2. Morning beverages. Coffee drinkers-Set your timer. Tea drinkers-Put your tea bag and sugar in your cup with a top. Smoothie drinkers-Add all ingredients to a cup and leave in freezer until morning.
  3. Wake up earlier. Set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier than usual.
  4. Walk into the light. Sunlight is an amazing motivator to start your day.
  5. Drink a glass of water. Within your first 30 minutes of waking up, drink water.
  6. Quick Cardio. 10 minutes of cardio will jump start your metabolism and boost your energy levels.
  7. Ready. Set. Go. Shower and follow your normal beauty routine.
  8. Set one goal. Meditate on one main goal for your day. If you have a daily affirmation, this is the time to say it out loud at least 5 times.
  9. Leave a little early. Make it a point to leave 5 minutes earlier than you normally do.
  10. Eat. Grab your beverage and your grab-and-go breakfast option.

There are undeniable advantages to early rising and getting a proactive start to your day.  Your affirmations should be in alignment with your goals and dreams. One more suggestion; work on your least enjoyable tasks first. This will help you overcome habitual procrastination and maximize your productivity. Practice this each day for 2 weeks straight and see how differently you feel. Thank me later. :)