Rapunzel! Let Down Your Hair!

Let Down Your Hair.jpg

Summer is quickly approaching once winter releases its grip on Spring. OMG, why is it 45 for the high in April in the mid-south… Foolishness!

So question for my Ladies...When we get the “all-clear” for summer to come through, how are we going to keep our hair growing throughout the summer with no damage? I know I try to stay out as much as possible during the summer months. I don’t want to let the sunshine go to waste. Lol. At least, that’s how my mind works. Sun is great but brutal on our hair.

Here are my TOP 5 ways to keep my hair happy and health during the summer!

  1. Use products that have the “M” word. Moisturizing

  2. Trim regularly. Every 6 weeks is a good idea and anywhere from a quarter to ½ inch

  3. Deep condition bi-weekly. I usually do this on a day when I plan to be in the house for a while. After applying a generous amount of conditioner and plastic cap,  if I am in somewhat of a hurry, I will sit under the dryer for about 30-45 minutes. If I have the time, I will just leave the conditioner in for hours and sometimes until the following day before rinsing out.

  4. 4. Drink lots of water.How much is “lots?” Divide your body weight. That is how much you should be drinking daily in ounces.

  5. Take an all-natural, filler-free hair vitamin supplement. Strengthening your hair from the inside out is smart and key. I have found tremendous success with this hair vitamin.