Top 3 Lies About the Atkins Diet

Top 3 Lies About the Atkins Diet.jpg

Low carb diets like Atkins have always had controversy associated with it. The original publication was done in 1972 and regurgitated in 1992 as “Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution”, which created a new surge of interest. Any time you put “revolution” in the name, there is gonna be some interest. During this revival period, low carb foods were all the rage while bread, pasta and wheat companies took a big hit in profits. I actually tried the Atkins diet many years ago. My issue was the more I knew I could not have pasta, the more I craved chicken alfredo. It was a problem. I found that the diet worked for a quick fix but it was not sustainable. Let’s dive into the LIES.

  • Lie #1- What’s your definition of what “works?”If your definition is permanent fat loss, then, no. Rapid weight loss is not as effective as gradual loss over time.

  • Lie #2- Calories don’t count. You can eat as much as you want. Here is the truth. When you go on a very low carb diet (ketogenic) with more fat, your appetite is diminished and you feel full longer because fat is more satisfying that carbs. This does not mean you can eat whatever you want. It means that your hunger may be reduced on the Atkins plan causing you to automatically eat less without any calorie counting.

  • Lie #3- Carbs make you fat. This thought process is misleading and a half-truth, at best. There has been quite a lot of confusion and frustration on this subject. I can speak for myself and I have been confused for years. Like, which one is it and would someone please make up their mind. The fact of the matter is that not all carbs are created equal. There are good carbs and bad carbs. My suggestion is to stay away from refined carbs which would be white flour, white sugar, white bread and pasta and sugar sweetened cereals. Oh yea and no soda, ladies and gents… If you have to have it, make it something you “treat”yourself with maybe once a week. My “cheat” days are usually Saturday. I don’t go too crazy but I do eat GOOD.