Y'all Must be Sisters

Natural Anti-Aging Solutions

The very common phrase I often heard when out and about with my mom. I am happy to say, I have my Mom’s genes. Very few people ever guess my age correctly. I attribute some of this to genetics and some to plain ole lifestyle. We know that aging is unavoidable. I mean, what is the alternative? Ok.. No thanks. I will give you some of the most effective aging hacks but before that, let’s talk about the factors of aging.

Very often, the first signs of aging is seen in the skin and hair. (See previous blog post for Hair Tips) You will also start to feel the difference in your tissues and cells but you will not see those changes right away. Our organs slowly start losing cells and we just can’t “party like we used to.” Our cell membranes lose their ability to retain oxygen. We have so many cells in our bodies that we rarely recognize the degeneration but it is happening.

We know we can’t avoid aging but Lord, can we slow it down please and thank you?