Eco-Conscious Consumer

As human beings and occupants of planet earth, we have a responsibility to her. She is like our favorite Auntie who gives the best hugs and bakes the best cakes for us. Mother earth has been kind to us and we should concern ourselves with leaving her in tip top shape for the descendants of our bloodline that we will leave behind. We have a real responsibility to protect her. There are many reasons why we should become more conscious of what we are doing to our home. I uncovered countless reasons why every person who will read this should  “go green.”  I will make it easy for you and just focus on the major ones.

Our environment is constantly changing. As it changes, we must become increasingly aware of the problems surrounding this change. We no longer have the luxury of living in our own personal bubbles of denial and indifference.


the damage

Global warming has become an undisputed major problem. Our planet is on the brink of severe environmental crisis. Our current issues make us vulnerable to disasters and tragedies now and in the future.Natural resource depletion is an issue. Fossil fuel consumption results in the emission of Greenhouse gases, which is responsible for global warming and climate change.

Water Disposal-Developed countries are notorious for producing an excessive amount of waste and dumping their waste into our water. Plastic, fast food, packaging and cheap electronic wastes threaten our well being. Waste disposal is one of the most urgent issue that we are currently facing.

Ozone Layer Depletion- The ozone layer is an invisible layer of protection around the planet that protects us from the sun’s harmful rays. As the ozone layer depletes, it emits harmful radiations back to earth.

Water Pollution - Clean drinking water is becoming a rare commodity. Water is becoming a economic and political issue. Industrial development is filling our rivers, seas and oceans with toxic pollutants which are a major threat to our health. Run-off to rivers carries toxins, chemicals and disease carrying organisms. These pollutants cause respiratory disease like asthma, cardiac-vascular problems and pneumonia.

why should i care?

  • Every American is vulnerable to climate change impacts on their health at some point in their lives. Our health will be affected in two ways: first, by changing the severity or frequency of health problems that already exists and second, by creating unprecedented health problems in places and times of the year where they have not previously occurred. The Breakdown- We are going to get sick during times of the year that we were never sick before. The illness will be something we’ve never experienced before and it will have a new level of severity that doctors have not seen.
  • Climate change will likely increase the frequency and strength of extreme events (such as floods, droughts and storms) which will threaten human health and safety.
  • By 2030, the incidence of cancer among people 20 -34 will increase by 90% for colon cancer and 124.2% for rectal cancer.